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All treatments that I offer are flexible to be adapted to your needs. 

I offer 3 different massages: Tantric Massage, Dearmouring Session and Holistic Massage.

The prices include tax. 

The payment will be in cash. 


After many years doing massages in a holistic and shamanic way, I found in tantra the most safe, healing and awakening way for my clients to discover their true nature.


I love to co-create the session with my clients and be in service with the tools and skills I learnt in my journey as a massage therapist, shaman and coach. 


The tantra massage that I offer may include next elements: intuitive touch, dearmouring, shamanic healing, energy bodywork. Every session is unique.

Clarity and safety is a foundation in my practice


Tantra Massage

90 min  I  100 €
120 min  I  140 €

DE-ARMORING (Releasing Armoring): It is a session that combines massage and other manual techniques. It is a session of liberation, unlocking, opening, releasing armor. What is a block or armoring? Experiences of the past that condition you. Fears that make you lean back and not follow your impulses. Lack of trust. Lack of heart opening. We all have armor, some more others less. If you feel a moment of letting go and opening this is your session. How is it released? Breathing and sound are key. It can be through a process that goes from pain to unlocking, as well as from pleasure to liberation. You will feel the impact of releasing the armor immediately and it may have important positive consequences in your life. It is a Holistic session that does not work only the body. In the end it is to be your best version, to release conditions that we have anchored in the body, in the mind, in emotions or energy.

De-Armouring Session

90 min  I  100 €
120 min  I  140 €

Holistic Massage

90 min  I  90 €
120 min  I  120 €

If you want to feel physical bodywork to release tension and relax your body but also you want to unblock your energetic body and feel more energy flow, then this is your massage.

This is not just a massage, it,s much more.

It touches deeper layers. It is a deep connection to yourself in a high state of consciousness.

We design together the massage to find the perfect massage for you. We arrange intentions, areas, type of touch that you wish, pressure and then just enjoy the experienceHere you will receive many different types of massage from asian to occidental styles.

De-Armouring can be included here as part of the massage process if you want.

There is no massage in genital areas.


Couple Session

2 h  I  180 €
3 h  I  230 €

If you want to bring your relationship into next level , here is your session.

Come with your beloved and try something different. A experience that you will remember forever .


This is a intense workshop to get the most in a short time. You can ask, you will receive ancient wisdom and your love and sex life will have a deep in impact from here on.  

There is many exercises we can do: Breathing, tantric massage, sensual touch, heart connection,.. 

First we will feel what you wish to experience, we will create a safe, confort and love space. And at the end you will integrate until we close the session

How is a tantric massage session ?

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